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Pond Blossom canvas print

Pond Blossom canvas print

12 x 12 inch canvas print of Pond Blossom

fingerprint and UV protection, includes hanging system


Art Story

He only saw them blossom for a few months of the year. But tending to his lilies brought him true joy and reminded him of the love he had and the sacrifice he had made. Moving over 300 miles and leaving the halls of academia so that his love could fulfill his dream of pursuing the art of technology. Once he made it to their new home he created a pond, planted the lilies and waited. Slowly the bold pink buds grew underneath the water and gradually breathed up into the air and shined brightly. They even glowed at dusk with radiant yellows and playful purples right before they closed up at night to get ready for the new day. The lilies were a testament to their love for one another. Each year they waited together for them to bloom again.

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