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Escape to a world of wonder with a Christy Ross original painting.

Christy Ross' paintings have expansive landscapes, serene seascapes and personality filled animals. She just finished working on her "Breathe" Collection which explores how rest and adventure allow for healing our busy minds and conflicted hearts so that our minds can become calm and our hearts full. She explores this topic by painting sunsets with vibrant colors and calm scenes with dreamy skies and expressive clouds that reach us.

Original Paintings (FREE SHIPPING within US except for Hawaii)


LANDSCAPES                            SEASCAPES  


Escape to an inspired place.


An Expansive Experience

The healing process happens naturally when we breath and take in our beautiful surroundings. Christy's original landscape paintings build a place around you where you want to be.


Serenity Awaits

Living with a Seascape Painting brings calm and color to your home. Christy's seascapes explore adventure and rest. You could just go on a journey of a lifetime while viewing one of these paintings.


Bursting with Personality

Christy likes to express the personalities of people and animals through her art. Her goal is to capture the uniqueness of each person. Animals can be metaphors for the concepts of freedom, pride or friendship.

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