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Christy Ross is a San Diego based artist and credentialed art educator who
approaches art with whimsy and freedom. Always, she endeavors to bring a smile to the observer. She especially loves to paint landscapes and seascapes, places to which people seek to escape, in her signature vivid colors.

Her love for painting started in high school. She attended San Dieguito High School (SDA) in Encinitas, continued learning as a design student at UCLA and then earned her teaching credential in art from California State University, Los Angeles.

Early Career
Christy faced one of the toughest challenges a working artist can face while at a Santa Monica custom furniture design firm. She hand-painted unique and whimsical designs on celebrity-commissioned pieces, including Pierce Brosnan’s furniture.

From there, she joined Legend Films as a color designer. Ever wonder how former black and white movies get colorized? Christy may have worked on a movie you've seen. One of the enjoyable and tough projects Christy led was "Jim Nantz Remembers Augusta,” which was nominated for a Sports Emmy (R) in the George Wensel Technical Achievement Award.

Teaching Art: A True Calling

She is passionate about teaching art to children, both for their lack of inhibitions and their ability to master self-expression by connecting art to their own lives. All of which she finds endlessly inspiring. Children ask questions to do their best work, and don’t feel the need to fit into a category, making them authentically themselves. She loves their approach of not worrying about whether they’re doing it right.

Christy has also found that adults who have never painted can explore their own creativity in a supportive class where they create their own masterpieces at her Paint & Sip events. She teaches both public and private events.


Exhibits & Scope of Work 

  • In 2021 the San Diego Art of Pride Resilience exhibition featured her painting "Sunrise Elephants".

  • Also in 2021, her painting "The Cloud" was chosen to be in the Surfing Madonna Art Show.

  • “Sunset Harbor,” “Liberation Elephant” and “Kailua” were chosen for Red Bluff Art Gallery’s online exhibition in 2021 and 2022.​

  • From 2021-2022, her exhibit Pandemic Escape had a good moment in time at San Diego's Mission Hills-Hillcrest/Knox Branch Library. 

  • Both “Sunset Harbor” and “Kailua” were chosen for the Surfrider Foundation’s Art Auction & Gala. 

  • In September of 2022 she shared her collection "Breathe" of 15 paintings at the Pannikin in Encinitas. 

  • In 2023 she featured her Plein air "San Diego Collection" of paintings at Bird Rock Coffee in Little Italy and at the Mission Hills-Hillcrest/Knox Branch library. 

  • In 2024 she started off the year by designing her own line of art earrings with designer Tess Holechek of Frenchy Lane Crafts which feature mini versions of her favorite paintings.



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