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Ride at Dawn canvas print

Ride at Dawn canvas print

14 x 11 inch canvas print of Ride at Dawn 

fingerprint and UV protection, includes hanging system


Art Story

By Mackenzie Wieser & Christy Ross

She jumped on her red bike with excitement over what mother nature had in store. As the night sky ends and gives way to dawn, the sky was saying so much through its vivid colors of soft streaming clouds. The wispy pink and orange strands of clouds reflected the joy she felt with each continuous  movement of her bike’s pedals. As she lays down each evening she hopes for more amazing skies for tomorrow's efforts. The sunrise’s paintings lead her along her way and her mind calmed to view the bounty of the endless adventure ahead. Breathing in the fresh dawn air fueled her desire for yet another ride. Not all days are painted in colors like these, yet the times she wakes up she's often so glad she did for the chance to witness such awe.

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